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The Challenge

Pediatric vision coverage is a benefit covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and can also be a benefit within some medical insurance policies for children and adults. High Deductible Health Plans may include vision coverage, but not until a member has met their deductible.

The Approach

While medical insurance carriers may embed this benefit into their policies, we also work closely with carriers that specialize in vision plans. As always, we do our due diligence and offer our clients various plan options and costs.

The Recommendation

As people get older, the use of glasses or contacts grows rapidly. The majority of people in their forties wear a visual aid. The rate for people in their fifties rises to 90 percent. If your employee has purchased glasses or contacts, they understand the high cost for frames, lenses and prescription sunglasses. Having inexpensive coverage allows the member the ability to update their prescription on average every year, and frame choice every two years. When we put a plan in place for a client, it’s amazing how quickly employees use this benefit!

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