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Human Resources Support

The Challenge

This client was referred to us by an existing client. As a brand new company of just over three months, they were still new in developing their processes, on-boarding of new employees and creating required compliance documents. We were tasked with assisting them in setting up their human resources department, ultimately creating a smooth client experience and enhancing the workplace environment.

The Approach

A major concern was offering health insurance for their growing number of employees. After researching coverage with all the available carriers, the solution was to offer two plans: a comprehensive plan for the management and a lower cost plan for all others. That in place, we looked closer at what other benefits they could offer to be competitive in their field. Our next task was supporting them in setting up the employee files, obtaining law required posters, creating a Section 125 and their employee handbook to start.

The Recommendation

Matson Financial Advisors, Inc has tools available such as HR360 to assist in creating such compliance documents and accessing required labor law posters. We also periodically distribute newsletters to keep clients informed on the latest updates in the health care industry and task reminders for benefit administrators. We are thrilled to continue to work with this group, see them thrive and ensure they are compliant.