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The Challenge

The importance of proper dental care is evident with the addition of this benefit which was included within the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, the ACA coverage is only a pediatric benefit, not for adults who tend to have more dental issues. Many people looking for dental coverage find it difficult to find quality individual coverage.

The Approach

We work with many companies who want overall health care for their employees. The addition of dental coverage helps encourage a full picture of well-being. They also understand the high cost of some procedures, such as root canal or crowns and the financial burden this could create if requiring payment out-of-pocket.

The Recommendation

Employers shop around for coverage that fits their budget and generally offers comprehensive coverage for preventative care and cleanings. Employees, knowing that they can get this important work done with their insurance sharing the cost, are more likely to see their dentist for routine exams, x-rays or the costlier major services to help prevent larger dental (or related medical) complications.

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