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Short Term & Long Term Disability

The Challenge

A growing services organization contacted our firm to help with finding the right medical insurance. With about 15 employees at the time, we initially just helped solve their need with a medical plan. The agency started to grow and wanted to improve their benefit offerings to demonstrate how much they valued their existing employees and be able to attract new qualified staff.

The Approach

After we discussed the advantages of ancillary lines of group insurance coverage the group decided to sign up for short- and long-term disability insurance, dental and life insurance. The client was given peace of mind knowing that if an employee was out for any extended medical reason, they would be covered by the disability insurance. The employer did not have to decide if they wanted to continue paying their employee as a benefit was already determined by the disability policy coverage selected. We looked at several insurance companies and quotes and selected a carrier that could offer all lines of business to them at a bundled, discounted rate.

The Recommendation

The client put these non-medical lines in place and the additional coverage has certainly been used by their employees. Most recently a key employee had a sudden illness that required them to go out on permanent disability. The employer, along with the employee’s family, was relieved that both the short- and long-term disability policies were in place. It was a win-win!

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