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Case Study 1


Retirement Planning

The Challenge

The client is a family owned business providing a 3% safe harbor contribution to 25 eligible employees. To prepare for an annual review meeting, the statistical plan data, fund performance and associated fees would be reviewed. The administrative fees deducted from participant’s accounts were too high and fund expenses were slightly above average.

The Approach

We provided an itemized breakdown of administration fees and fund management expenses to review a side by side cost comparison of current plan expenses with that of competitors. A fund mapping was done to show the average fund expense across different companies based on the current investment lineup. Assessing the employer's experience and relationship with the current vendor helps to understand the service being provided to plan sponsors and participants.  

The Recommendations

Recommendations made to clients are solely based on the need and best interest of the client and their plan participants. Researching alternate investment providers allows the plan sponsor to review and compare options available in the market place for improvement and potentially lower fees for both the plan sponsor and participants moving forward. If a vendor changes occurs, our firm will conduct educational sessions to re-enroll participants, introduce new program details, and make sure all participants understand their new benefits. 

*These results are for illustrative purposes only and should not be deemed a representation of future results. Circumstances, solutions, and/or results are based on specific facts tied to unique client situations. Favorable results cannot be guaranteed even in a similar scenario. Each specific set of circumstances will differ depending on client needs and profile. Actual results may be more or may be less than those shown. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This assessment is that of the writer, and not the recommendations or responsibility of Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC or its representatives.