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My path to the financial industry was an unconventional one. I did not major in economics, I did not wake up and read the Wall Street Journal or even know that financial planning was a path that I would one day travel. I studied journalism, public speaking, sociology and business as a Communication major and Business minor at the University of Albany.  I had a passion for people and knew that wherever life took me, relationships would be at the core of my work. I was fascinated in the way people communicated, told stories, expressed themselves and adapted to their environment. Had someone told me as a young college student that I would fulfill this passion, work closely with clients and be able to establish deep rooted relationships with real people by majoring in economics or finance, I would not have believed them. It was not until I was introduced to Matson Financial Advisors, Inc., in 2016 that this would become so clear.

It only makes sense that my journey with the firm blossomed from one of the closest and important relationships I have in my life; the one with my brother, Marc.  He was in search of financial guidance on how to invest money not earmarked for his college education and through a family friend found Michael. Marc asked that I attend the meeting with him to offer my support and my honest opinion as he navigated unfamiliar territory…little did I know, this would be my first client meeting at Matson Financial Advisors.

September of this year marked my three year anniversary with the firm! I have submerged myself in the financial planning profession, obtained the Certified Financial Planning designation through New York University and continue to challenge myself on a daily basis as I now navigate new territory.

Striving to do well and to excel was a constant theme in my life as a young gymnast. Sports was, and still is, a huge part of my life. I have been an athlete since I started gymnastics at the age of 4 and continued to perform competitively throughout my high school years. During my freshman year of high school, I could not possibly choose between making the varsity volleyball team and gymnastics, so I did both. I was in my happy place when I was on the court or at the gym despite the 3 hour practices, 4 times a week! I realized that playing sports not only brought me so much joy but I began to learn that sports was part of my identity and how I wanted to spend my time.

When I retired my gymnastics leotard and could no longer do a round off back handspring to a full twist or a front somersault on a 4” balance beam, I continued my love of sports. I decided to coach both volleyball and gymnastics, attend a study abroad in Australia where I learned the ins and outs of Rugby and Australian Rules football, attended the famous Ashes Test cricket matches, practiced with the Carlton Footy Club, conversed with the national athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport and attended the Australian Open. To me, sport culture is more than just tossing a ball around or doing a fun activity to pass the time; it is a mindset, a form of expression, and a lifestyle. It is what has shaped me to be the person I am, both personally and professionally by teaching me diligence, courage, kindness and respect.

Today my sports of choice are golf and tennis. I try to attend the US Open every year in Queens, NY to cheer on my all-time favorite Roger Federer! Recently I have picked up golf with hopes to beat Michael one day! (I know, I should keep dreaming!)

So, if you are a tennis fan, love Roger Federer or are looking for a golf partner, you know where to find me!